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Since 1979, the talented team of engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts of EDC Biosystems has designed and constructed steady-state process equipment for real-world production and research environments. Originally servicing the magnetic storage disk and semiconductor industries, the company attained worldwide notoriety with its surface finishing equipment.

Today, with its broad range of expertise in biotechnology, electronics, precision mechanics, closed-loop motion control, software and factory automation, the team is focused to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. We invite you to contact us to see how our products can help promote your growth and expand your own business.


Our partner EDC Biosystems’ patented acoustic transfer system uses focused low-energy sound waves to dispense droplets from a source well and then transfers those droplets to destination sites on a target substrate.
Portions of the sound waves reflect back to the transducer. The reflected acoustic signal is then used to determine the position of the remaining liquid in the well. As the fluid level drops, the transducer is re-positioned, maintaining focus on the surface of the fluid, and the dispense process is repeated.

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Solve Scientific welcomes you to view our range of solutions for automated liquid handling, sample preparation and process integration. We have over 50 years combined experience in configuring, installing and supporting liquid handling systems across laboratories in Australia and New Zealand. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.
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