Automated Liquid Handling

  • Programmable sampler for automated sample preparation and transfer. The 223 Sample Changer is the perfect solution for protocols such as serial dilutions, addition of samples, sampling into vials, timed reactions and tube-to-tube transfers.
  • Miniaturised platform and maximised performance and capability. The GX-241 Liquid Handler provides large or small volume injection with automatic fraction collection using tubes, vials or microplates in a small footprint, taking up less than 39 cm of bench space.
  • The GX-271 Liquid Handler offers a medium capacity with a small footprint. Providing large and small volume injection using a dynamic, syringe-less pumping system capable of delivering microliters to hundreds of milliliters of liquid with no change in hardware.  The GX-271 Liquid Handler configured for injection and fraction collection is an ideal space saving purification platform.
  • With increased throughput and efficiency, the GX-274 Liquid Handler processes up to four samples in parallel. In conjunction with the VERITY® Dual Syringe Pumps, each of the four channels can accommodate unique syringe volumes for flexibility in tube to plate transfers, serial dilutions, and many other common liquid handling functions.  Experience full, walkaway automation of your HPLC workflow and get your results even more quickly with the Gilson GX-274 Liquid Handler.
  • Customisable large capacity liquid handling system for diverse applications. The GX-281 Liquid Handler is a large capacity versatile platform that can be configured for injection, fraction collection, and re-injection as part of a Gilson purification system or a flexible liquid handler with optional accessories such as tube grippers, balances, and bar code readers for performing a wide variety of automated unattended liquid handling applications.
  • Maximise reproducibility in your biological sample preparation. Reduce costly technical replicates and maximise reproducibility with the ultimate pipette operator, PIPETMAX.  With a multitude of applications at your disposal, such as qPCR, NGS, cell based assays, and more, PIPETMAX increases the reproducibility and pace of your experiments.
  • Simplified drag-and-drop method creation liquid handling software designed for sample preparation and positive-pressure based solid phase extraction. TRILUTION® LH software features simple method creation, flexibility through the use of variables and operators, simulation to ensure the functionality and reliability of the application prior to use with precious samples, and integration with third-party devices and other software programs.