Dissolution Testing

  • The G2 AutoPlus comes with a choice of 6 or 8 sampling channels, and DissoScan (1-bath) or Maximizer (multi-bath & multi-routine) configurations. The Vision G2 AutoPlus is an upgrade of the popular Hanson autosampler.  Precision syringe pump mechanics, all-inert tubing and valves, and colour touchscreen programming with up to 100 protocols are standard on each instrument.
  • The G2 Elite 8 is a versatile performance machine, built for automation and extended applications. The Vision G2 Elite 8 is a modern successor to the popular Hanson SR8-Plus.  Features include a Vision heater system, molded waterbath, 8-position Easi-Lock vessel plate, Easi-Lift head with 8 precision drive spindles, and colour touchscreen programming with up to 100 protocols. Options include the AutoMag with sampling probes and digital temperature probes (DTPs).
  • The Vision G2 Classic 6 is a compact, rugged workhorse ideal for manual testing. The Classic 6 is precision engineered for USP <711> Dissolution, and includes a unique award-winning footprint designed for saving space and ease of use. Features include a Vision heater system, moulded waterbath, 6-position Easi-Lock vessel plate, fixed head with 6 precision drive spindles, and colour touchscreen programming with up to 100 protocols.
  • Pion's line of fiber optic systems covers all of your in situ UV monitoring needs. Hanson Research is proud to collaborate with Pion to offer fiber optic dissolution monitoring for dissolution labs around the world. From compendial USP apparatus types, to innovative small volume configurations, Pion instrumentation offers significant advantages over more traditional techniques.
  • Automatic Media Preparation The Media-Mate Plus is the perfect media-prep system for a busy dissolution lab that demands both speed and accuracy. It delivers pre-heated, filtered, deaerated, and volumetrically dispensed media to 6 or 7 dissolution vessels simultaneously in less than five minutes. Built on a unique ergonomic cart, the Media-Mate Plus offers maximum portability for easy servicing of many dissolution test stations.
  • In conjunction with worldwide partners Shimadzu and Solvias, Hanson Research presents four On-Line UV-Vis system configurations for your Vision® G2 Classic 6™ or G2 Elite 8™ dissolution tester. Each system configuration incorporates the Hanson UV-1800, the spectrophotometer with the highest resolution in its class, as well as cutting-edge ARGUS/Dissolution application software from Solvias for pharmaceutical dissolution testing.
  • The Vision AutoFilter Changer automatically introduces 25 mm syringe filters into the fluidic path of your dissolution samples. Designed as a seamless addition to Hanson’s Vision® family of quality test instruments, the Vision AutoFilter Changer brings a new approach to automated filtration by giving you the power to determine the life of your filters.