FortéBio Octet K2

FortéBio Octet K2

High performance 2-channel Octet system for research friendly kinetic characterisation

Analyse samples in crude matrix 

The fluidics-free Dip and Read technology with samples in a 96-well plate format, combined with ready-to-use biosensors allows for high flexibility in sample type.

Sensitivity for small molecule analysis

The Octet K2 System enables the measurement of interactions between small molecules down to 150 Da in size, and their larger binding partners to determine accurate kinetics rates.

Flexible second channel for use as a reference or more samples

Unique 2-channel design have dedicated spectrometers for simultaneous referencing or added capacity.

Simple setup for protein and antibody characterisation

Template driven interface allows new users to get started quickly for protein and antibody characterisation.


The Octet® K2 2-channel system brings you unprecedented access to exquisite biomolecular interactions data. Priced for start-up academic and biotech labs, low volume users are no longer bound by the trade-off between cost and performance when choosing a label-free assay system. The Octet K2 system characterises protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding interactions for early research and discovery. The multipurpose system also provides quantitative information by measuring active protein concentrations — even in complex mixtures like cell culture supernatants and lysates.

Kinetic analysis

As with all FortéBio BLI systems, the Octet K2 System monitors binding events in real time to calculate on rates (ka), off rates (kd), and dissociation constants (KD). The system’s two channels can be used to measure samples independently or in tandem, pairing the sample read with a dedicated reference. Samples are loaded in standard 96-well microplates, eliminating fluidic line maintenance and expanding the number of samples that can be run in an assay. With predefined templates to follow in Octet data acquisition software, the system streamlines setup prior to running an assay and minimises training needs. The software then gives users a range of parameters and metrics for analysing acquired data in a powerful yet intuitive software interface.

Quantitative measurements

Utilising FortéBio’s one-step Dip and Read technology, the Octet K2 System directly measures the presence of specific proteins and other molecules in solution. Accurate and reproducible concentrations can be determined in as little as two minutes per sample.

Biosensor Re-racking

The Octet K2 System provides the ability to re-rack biosensors at the end of an experiment. Biosensor re-racking provides enhanced flexibility in loading ligands on biosensors and reduces operational costs when biosensors are loaded with precious target reagents.


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