FortéBio OneStep SPR

FortéBio OneStep SPR

Pioneer and Pioneer FE Systems

To complement the BLI family of label-free biomolecular interaction systems, FortéBio acquired the SensiQ’s Pioneer surface plasmon resonance (SPR) product line. The Pioneer platform provides high quality next generation SPR technology to simplify kinetic characterisations and fragment screens. The Pioneer systems are sensitive, 3-channel, fully automated SPR instruments with a unique OneStep® gradient injection technology. OneStep uses a single injection to acquire kinetics for a full analyte titration of up to 3 orders of magnitude – offering unmatched speed compared to other SPR-based systems. Capable of analysing up to 768 fragments in 24 hours, Pioneer FE is the ideal system for fragment screening in drug discovery.



The Pioneer platform offers high quality SPR instruments for real-time, label-free measurements of biomolecular interactions. The Pioneer systems are 3 channel, fully automated SPR systems with a unique OneStep® gradient injection technology. The Pioneer platform offers exquisite sensitivity for characterising high affinity binding and is capable of up to 72 hours of unattended run time. Next generation OneStep SPR injections enables users to identify hits faster, obtain more information-rich data and eliminate sample dilutions.

High performance binding kinetics and fragment screening

Pioneer SPR systems provide high quality kinetics and affinity measurements in minutes using a single OneStep injection. OneStep injection uses Taylor dispersion to generate an analyte concentration gradient that provides a high-resolution dose response in a single injection. OneStep enables faster assay workflows where a single analyte concentration is sufficient for accurate kinetics and affinity determination. Pioneer FE platform’s high-throughput screening feature enables kinetic screening of 768 small molecule fragments in a single experiment in 24 hours and up to two 384 well plate capacity.

High sensitivity

From biologics to small molecules, Pioneer SPR systems provide the sensitivity needed to characterise a wide range of analytes with high confidence. Extremely low baseline noise and drift enable measurement of reliable kinetics and affinity values for high affinity and challenging binders. With up to 40 Hz of data acquisition capabilities, Pioneer FE systems are capable of capturing very fast kinetic association and dissociation phases of a wide range of biomolecules and small molecule fragments.

Simplified kinetic characterisation

With OneStep injections, users can obtain accurate kinetic and affinity values from one analyte concentration. OneStep eliminates the need to run multiple analyte titrations, saving time and errors associated with making dilutions. OneStep can further determine the analyte diffusion coefficient and assess whether the analyte is heterogeneous or aggregated. NeXtStep® injections perform fragment binding competition assays in a single injection, providing a simple workflow to characterise competitive binders against a ligand.

Robust fluidics design

The fluidic system in the Pioneer platform is made up of inert materials such as PEEK, ceramic and Tefzal, providing durability and low maintenance.


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