Gilson GX-241 Liquid Handler

Gilson GX-241 Liquid Handler

Miniaturised platform and maximised performance and capability.

The GX-241 Liquid Handler provides large or small volume injection with automatic fraction collection using tubes, vials or microplates in a small footprint, taking up less than 39 cm of bench space.


A compact workhorse that provides the perfect balance of size, performance, and capabilities to individual labs!  Ideally suited for applications and labs where bench space is at a premium, the GX-241 Liquid Handler features a large injection volume range of 1 µL to 5 mL using a minimal dead volume direct injection design. The GX-241 also features two transfer ports for delivering sample to off-bed detection devices in Flow Injection Analysis (FIA). This two rack capacity liquid handler has the ability to hold hundreds of samples ranging from 2 mL vials to 100mm test tubes. The flexible platform can also hold up to 4 shallow or deep well 96 well microplates.


  • Functional capacity in only 39 cm of linear bench space that can accommodate up to 4 shallow or deep well plates
  • Direct injection port delivers sample directly to the valve with minimal dead volume and no connecting tubing, reducing carryover/contamination and plugging potential
  • Compact syringe pump – syringe volumes: 100 µL – 10 mL
  • Perform flow injection Analysis to conductivity, fluorescence, colorimeter, and absorbance detectors
  • Display provides error codes and gives user indication of maintenance requirements
  • Allows connectivity to third-party devices



  • Compact Footprint with 2 Rack Capacity (see Gilson Liquid Handler Footprint Comparison to the right)
  • Direct Injection Module
  • New Compact Syringe Pump
  • Two Transfer Ports for Delivering Liquids to Off-Bed Devices
  • 2-Character Digital LED Display
  • + I/O Input and Output



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