Maximise reproducibility in your biological sample preparation.

Reduce costly technical replicates and maximise reproducibility with the ultimate pipette operator, PIPETMAX.  With a multitude of applications at your disposal, such as qPCR, NGS, cell based assays, and more, PIPETMAX increases the reproducibility and pace of your experiments.


Manual sample preparation can often be inefficient, complex and time-consuming. This leads to increased training requirements, preparation time, procedural errors and operational costs. PIPETMAX is an easy-to-use, automated liquid handling platform than can solve these problems with automated sample preparation solutions. Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes at a size and price that is accessible to any lab, and has a PIPETMAN inside!

MAXimize consistency

with the precision and accuracy only

an automated lab assistant can provide.

MAXimize efficiency

by removing yourself from routine pipetting and focusing on science.

MAXimize capability

and increase your lab’s pace by making procedural errors a thing of the past.

MAXimize your space

with a solution that fits on your lab bench and works next to you.

MAXimize your options

with a platform-independent solution that works with a variety of different reagents and kits

MAXimize traceability

with simple, automated run reports.


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