Gilson PLC Purification Systems

Gilson PLC Purification Systems

Two techniques, one instrument.

Introducing PLC Purification Systems by Gilson, HPLC + FLASH all in one. With the capability to purify compounds by preparative HPLC and FLASH on the same instrument, Gilson's PLC Purification systems will simplify and streamline compound purification for your lab – accelerating your research.


These customizable instruments are available in simple configurations for basic applications, but with a wide range of upgrade options to meet the demands of organic/medicinal chemists and experienced chromatographers.

Systems are controlled via an intuitive touchscreen interface, making it easy to write and edit methods, and adjust parameters on the fly. The standard fixed wavelength UV detector allows for an affordable detection for HPLC and FLASH, with available upgrades to DAD and/or ELSD. A fully integrated binary pumping system allows for smooth and linear mobile phase delivery, with an available upgrade to add quaternary gradient capabilities for more advanced separations. A fraction collector with space for three racks allows you to continue running longer without replacing test tubes.

All the features you need, in a compact footprint

Because we understand that your bench space is valuable, these stand-alone systems were designed with a small footprint – without sacrificing features or functionality.

Three PLC Purification Systems models are available to choose from:

PLC 2050: Flow rates up to 50 mL/min with Pressure up to 300 Bar

  • Prep HPLC: 10 – 30 mm diameter ID columns
  • Flash: 2.5 – 70 g cartridges

PLC 2250: Flow rates up to 250 mL/min with Pressure up to 230 Bar

  • Prep HPLC: 10 – 50 mm diameter ID columns
  • Flash: 10 – 600 g cartridges

PLC 2500: Flow rates up to 500 mL/min with Pressure up to 110 Bar

  • Prep HPLC: 20 – 100 mm columns ID columns
  • Flash: Up to 1.2 kg cartridges

Glider Prep Software

The combination of each of the PLC Purification Systems with Gilson Glider Prep software creates an advanced purification tool for all types of applications, providing outstanding performance and efficiency for process development, as well as pure molecule purification up to tens of grams.

Software screenshot (left) shows the chromatogram, with colored fraction positions overlaid for easy identification.



Take a closer look at the “synoptic view” – clicking on any part of the diagram brings up a dialog box allowing the user to quickly see and modify system parameters.


The method editor (left) allows for easy editing of the configuration and settings.

Users can specify solvents, columns, gradient conditions, detector settings, and more!

Methods can be pre-programmed, or written as needed and saved for later use.



Four USB ports on the instrument make it easy to print  reports, export or save them as PDF files.


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