Gilson TRILUTION® LH Software

Gilson TRILUTION® LH Software

Simplified drag-and-drop method creation liquid handling software designed for sample preparation and positive-pressure based solid phase extraction.

TRILUTION® LH software features simple method creation, flexibility through the use of variables and operators, simulation to ensure the functionality and reliability of the application prior to use with precious samples, and integration with third-party devices and other software programs.


Automate Tedious Tasks with G.E.A.R.S.

weighing rack after rack of samples, scanning them with a bar-code reader or measuring pH in the middle of the run – has anyone thought of automating tedious, time-consuming tasks?

Thanks to G.E.A.R.S. functionality, TRILUTION LH can now reach outside the liquid handler and control many 3rd party devices, such as Vial Grippers, Analytical balances, pH meters, Scanners, and more!

Method Builder

Features drag-and-drop functionality that enables you to quickly and easily set up instrument configurations, define bed layouts, create methods and much more.
Over seventy Gilson-supplied tasks enable quick and efficient method programming.
Redesigned graphical pages lead you through software facilitating learning and lowering the learning curve.

Application Run Simulation

The ultimate in total application control; quick and easy access to everything you need to set up, run, and monitor your application from a single screen.

Custom task and rack builder allows low-level access to customize the software to specifically fit your needs.
Configuration page

Controls set up of all Gilson’s GX series, 215 series, and many of Gilson’s XL series instruments.
Manual Control Page

Allow you to perform routine tasks, troubleshoot the instrument, and prime the instrument prior to running your applications.
Complete and total run control achieved from the Application Run Screen.


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