Hanson Research Media-Mate Plus™

Hanson Research Media-Mate Plus™

Automatic Media Preparation

The Media-Mate Plus is the perfect media-prep system for a busy dissolution lab that demands both speed and accuracy. It delivers pre-heated, filtered, deaerated, and volumetrically dispensed media to 6 or 7 dissolution vessels simultaneously in less than five minutes. Built on a unique ergonomic cart, the Media-Mate Plus offers maximum portability for easy servicing of many dissolution test stations.


The Media-Mate Plus exceeds USP / US FDA recommended media deaeration specifications making it one of the most effective tools in ensuring successful Performance Verification Tests (PVT). By significantly reducing dissolved oxygen levels and dispensing media simultaneously into 6 or 7 vessels, the Media-Mate Plus eliminates the variable caused by Prednisone tablets that are highly sensitive to dissolved oxygen levels, thus facilitating successful passage of PVT tests.


+Preheats, filters, deaerates, and volumetrically dispenses media in less than 5 minutes
+Delivers media to 6 or 7 vessels simultaneously
+Easy adjustments for precise volumetric dispensing with ±1% accuracy
+Mobile, ergonomic cart for easy use around the lab
+Convenient retractable power cord
+Measuring vessels made with corrosion-resistant parts
+Compatible with nearly all dissolution testers
+Interchangeable pre-heat tanks (10-40 L) can be conveniently dedicated to different media and buffers
+USP <711> and <1092> compliant
+Full compliance to USP Toolkit (dissolved oxygen below 6 ppm)
+The most important tool for ensuring successful PVT tests


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