Hanson Research Phase One™ Disintegration Tester

Hanson Research Phase One™ Disintegration Tester

The new Phase One Disintegration Tester from Hanson Research delivers fast, efficient testing in compliance with USP <701> and <2040> and their harmonized EP and JP methods.

Designed for speed, precision, ease of use, and very low maintenance, the Phase One provides a compact, cost-effective solution for labs performing disintegration testing for quality control during new product development and/or batch/lot manufacturing.



Disintegration: The First Phase of Dissolution

Tests may be run with either one or two beakers and basket assemblies simultaneously. Built for ease of use with a simple, intuitive user interface, the Phase One tester permits programming of a timed test in less than one minute. Timed tests are programmable in units of hours, minutes, and seconds, in one-second increments. A free-run mode, activated with the push of a button, allows for continuous operation of an untimed test. Built in the USA with high quality components and durable construction, the Phase One tester is intended to deliver decades of reliable performance with a very low total cost of ownership.


With durable construction the Phase One tester is economical, easy to install, qualify, and maintain. The heavy-duty motor-driven reciprocating arm system provides long life and quiet, reliable operation with a USP-compliant fixed cycling speed and fixed stroke with no need for special adjustments. A single control knob and a series of easily readable LCD screens allow operators to begin using the instrument with very little training.

Key Features for USP Compliance

The Phase One tester comes with two USP Apparatus A basket assemblies (6-tube) with acrylic disks. Apparatus B basket assemblies (3-tube) for testing supplements over 18 mm in length are also available. A convenient fully lifted arm position allows for rapid attachment and removal of quick-connect basket assemblies—no tools required. Hanson’s precision disintegration beakers, made with tightly controlled tolerances, are optimized for reduced variability and ease of compliance with the liquid levels required by USP. The compact footprint of the Phase One requires very little bench space, only 44 cm (17.25 inches) wide. Designed for rapid setup, operators can assemble and disassemble the instrument within minutes. The waterbath is easily removed without tools for periodic cleaning.

Programable Heater/Circulator

The easily programmable heater/circulator provides a user-friendly LCD display and a built-in safety sensor to ensure proper media temperature. No priming is required. Although the tester’s main power supply is auto-switching, the independent heater is not; it is available in either 120VAC/60Hz or 240VAC/50Hz.


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