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FortéBio Clone Screening Systems

QPix™ 400 series, ClonePix™ 2 and CloneSelect™ Imager Systems

FortéBio’s solutions for antibody discovery and cell line development provide dedicated, scalable, and easy-to-use products for establishing clonal populations. FortéBio’s complete solutions for clone screening and monoclonality verification include the QPix™ 400 series of microbial colony pickers, the ClonePix™ 2 mammalian colony picker system and the CloneSelect™ Imager cell imaging system. These systems are fully automated with sample tracking to increase throughput, allow for more walk-away time and provide objective and consistent results. The systems feature a selection of options and models to address your specific research including multiple imaging modes and biology-specific pins. These solutions combine intelligent imaging with analysis and automation to increase throughput, consistency, and provide image-based documentation.

QPix 400 series

For microbial library screening workflows such as phage and yeast display, FortéBio offers the QPix 400 series of microbial screening colony pickers with sample tracking and plate handling. QPix systems combine intelligent image analysis with precise automation for fast and efficient library screening. Capable of picking up to 3000 colonies per hour, it will streamline your workflow. QPix systems automate imaging, picking, plating and spreading, replication, grid and hit picking to streamline the control and management of complex and iterative processes.

ClonePix 2

For cell line development solutions with automated clone screening, FortéBio offers the ClonePix 2 mammalian colony picker. ClonePix 2 is a fully automated system for the selection of high-value clones used in antibody discovery and cell line development. The picker increases the probability of finding optimally produced cell lines and significantly reduces time and labour, as compared to labour-intensive limiting dilution and FACS methods. The sophisticated software and integrated robotics enable a picking speed of > 10,000 clones per day. Clones are easily screened and selected based on user-defined parameters for protein productivity, antigen-specificity, cell viability and expression levels of tagged recombinant proteins. Robotic picking accuracy of < 1 mm reduces risk of colony disturbance, with data tracking of imaged picked clones.

CloneSelect Imager

For assurance of monoclonality in cell line development workflows, FortéBio offers the CloneSelect Imager. The CloneSelect Imager is a high-throughput, automated, label-free imaging solution for imaging and analysing mammalian cells. Tracking the formation of a colony from a single cell is effortless as barcoded plates are tracked over time. Automated acquisition and analysis provide accurate, objective, and consistent results. Detailed imaging and comprehensive data analysis enable better decision making. With the ability to image a 96-well plate in 90 seconds, the imager will increase throughput and productivity.

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