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FortéBio Label-Free BLI Detection

Automated Octet™ platform and personal assay BLItz™ system

FortéBio offers a diverse range of biomolecular interaction systems based on their proprietary biolayer interferometry (BLI) technology. FortéBio’s BLI systems enable real-time, label-free analysis for determination of affinity, kinetics, and antibody/protein concentration. FortéBio’s fully automated Octet™ systems and personal assay BLItz™ system are suitable for all workflows – from low throughput to processing 96 samples simultaneously.

The BLI platform’s unique Dip and Read™ plate format is simple, robust, rapid and fluidics-free, providing sample flexibility that extends its capability to perform in crude samples. BLI uses low-volume sample sizes and is compatible with a wide range of molecules including small molecule compounds, peptides, nucleic acids, proteins, viruses and liposomes. Assays are performed using biosensors, reagent and assay kits in 96- and 384-well microplates, making it a significantly easier, more versatile and faster technique than other comparative label-free technologies.

How it Works

BLI is an optical analytical technique that analyses the interference pattern of white light reflected from two surfaces: a layer of immobilised protein on the biosensor tip, and an internal reference layer. The change in the number of molecules bound to the biosensor tip causes a shift in the interference pattern that can be measured in real-time, to determine the binding kinetics between biomolecules.


Research-friendly entry level BLI systems include the 2-channel, fully automated Octet K2 system and the single channel, manually operated personal assay BLItz system. 8-channel Octet platforms with unmatched versatility include the Octet RED96e and QKe systems. Octet platforms with unmatched high throughput and speed include the Octet RED384 and HTX systems, with integrated automation capability. Dedicated spectrometers in each channel of the Octet K2, RED and HTX systems offer the highest sensitivity, achieving a KD range of 1 mM – 10 pM.
Consumables for all BLI systems include ready-to-use biosensors and assay kits for all types of biologics.

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