Automated Octet Systems

Label-free BLI Detection

Speed up your time to results with easy-to-use, fluidics-free, label-free BLI detection
  • A diverse range of platforms for all laboratories
  • Ready-to-use biosensors and assay kits for all types of biologics

Unprecedented time and cost savings during biomolecular interactions analysis

Octet® systems enable real-time, label-free analysis for determination of affinity, kinetics, and antibody/protein concentration.  Assays are performed using biosensors, reagent and assay kits in 96-and 384-well microplates making it a significantly easier and faster technique than other comparative label-free technologies.

Octet systems that grow with your needs and budget

With FortéBio’s latest additions to the Octet portfolio, the Octet R Series, you can choose between a 2-, 4- or 8-channel model (Octet R2, R4, or R8) to balance budget and throughput needs.  The Octet R2 and R4 offer field upgradeability to futureproof your research and your investment.


Use the fluidics-free Octet systems with 96- and/or 384-well sample plates and the ready-to-use biosensors for flexibility in sample types; from large biologics to small molecules, purified or in crude form.

Analyse up to 96 samples simultaneously

Perform your quantitation, epitope binning or kinetics experiments with unmatched speed on the Octet HTX System.  Quantitate up to 96-samples of an IgG sample in two minutes.

Transfer methods to QC and manufacturing with confidence

Rapidly develop and validate Octet methods for lot release ligand binding, quantitation, and impurity assays.


Fluidics-free Dip and Read format reduces assay time and maintenance cost

The Octets utilise FortéBio’s Dip and Read™ technology with the read head dipping into samples in a plate format.  With no fluidics involved, Octet systems are highly robust, providing faster time to results and process economy when compared to other technologies.

High-quality kinetic screening and affinity characterisation

The Octets monitor binding events in real time to calculate on rates (ka), off rates (kd), and affinity constants (KD).

Parallel, independent channels for maximum speed and flexibility

On the Octet systems, each channel is independent of the others allowing for analysis of different sample types simultaneously.  Systems range from 2, 4, 8, 16 and 96 channels, offering unmatched speed and versatility.

Versatility to detect a wide range of molecules

The high sensitivity of the Octets detect a diverse range of biomolecules from small molecules to proteins to mammalian cells.

Perfectly suited to operate in GxP-regulated environments

FortéBio offers an optional 21 CFR Part 11 software for Octet systems.  In addition, installation and qualification (IQOQ) and performance qualification (PQ) kits are available for GxP users.


Octet R Series systems

Accelerate your research with an upgradeable, label-free protein analysis platform

2-channel system
4-channel system
8-channel system
Thumbnail - Octet R Upgradeable 2

High Throughput Octet RH systems

Unprecedented throughput for industry applications

Octet RH16
16-channel system

High performance system with exceptional speed and throughput

Octet RH96
8 to 96-channel system

Perform your quantitation and kinetics characterisation assays at unmatched speed and throughput


Octet R2 Octet R4 Octet R8 Octet RH16 Octet RH96
Maximum simultaneous reads 2 4 8 16 96
Limit of detection:
Molecular weight
On-rate ka
Off-rate kd
Affinity KD

> 150 Da
101 - 107
10-6 - 10-1
1 mM - 10 pM
Analysis temperature range 15 – 40 °C Ambient +4 – 40 °C
Evaporation control No Yes No
Microplate capacity 1 x 96-well 2 x 96- or 384-well
Minimum sample volume 200 μL 40 μL*
Automation compatible No Yes
System upgradeability Yes No
GxP compatibility No Yes

* 384-well tilted-bottom microplate


Octet systems accelerate the drug discovery process by providing fast, high quality kinetics to identify targets and characterise drug interactions.  Perform high throughput library screening, kinetics, cross-competition and quantitation assays with ease and confidence.

  • Biologics & Small Molecule Research
  • Library Screening
  • Lead Characterisation
  • Affinity & Kinetics
  • Epitope Binning
  • Quantitation

Octet systems accelerate cell line development by providing fast, reliable  quantitation, even in crude samples.  Rapidly screen clone libraries and monitor product quality and titre through the manufacture process.

  • Clone Screening
  • Product Qualification
  • Titre & Impurity Monitoring
  • GxP Applications

Rapid quantitation

Utilising FortéBio’s one-step Dip and Read™ technology, Octet systems directly measures the presence of specific proteins and other molecules in solution.  Accurate and reproducible concentrations can be determined in as little as two minutes per sample.

Easy kinetic characterisation

Octets accurately measure kinetic constants by bringing the detection surface directly to the sample, eliminating the need for micro-fluidics.  With ready to use biosensors for most proteins, the unique Dip and Read™ approach streamlines workflows and expedites assay development.    It allows for direct measurement of crude samples with minimal instrument maintenance.

High throughput screening & hit-ranking

With the Octet system, clones with high affinities and low off-rates can be rapidly identified and selected for further characterisation.  Due to its high throughput design, the Octet system is routinely used as a secondary screening platform for Fab fragments and non-antibody ligands derived from phage display libraries.  Using immobilised antigen, an Octet system screen can provide affinity ranking data and estimates of association and dissociation constants for each primary hit.

Epitope binning & cross-competition assays

Epitope binning studies rely on the sequential binding of two antibodies to an antigen and are performed using dozens of antibody pairs in cross-competition matrices.  The Octet system excels at these large-scale studies due to assay speed, throughput and exceptional reproducibility.

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