ICON System

Benchtop system for measuring productivity by normalised titre

Combining titre with cell number which enables measures of specific productivity for both the static and expansion stages of cell line development

The award-winning new measure of productivity

From static stage to expansion and beyond, ICON™ is the world’s first benchtop system measuring normalised titre for the characterisation of high productivity clones in cell line development.

Winner of the SLAS New product Award, ICON offers low-volume measurements of critical quality attributes; IgG titre, confluency, cell number and viability cell density assessing productivity to enable rapid stratification of leading candidates.

High accuracy confluency


From 2.5 to 1500 mg/L

In-plate cell number

Static plate cell count

Automated cell counting + viability

For 1 – 24 samples

Microscope mode

Brightfield and fluorescent image capture

Helping scientists focus on the winners, ICON enhances success through meaningful data

Viewing productivity by normalised titre

ICON combines titre with cell number enabling measures of specific productivity for both the static and expansion stages of cell line development

Plate-based titre

For cloning and expansion stages

  • Rapid 96 well plate measurements
  • Uses just 60 µl sample
  • Wide detection range

Plate-based cell number

For cloning plate stage

  • Rapid scanning
  • High accuracy algorithm
  • For 96 and 384 well plates

Automated viable cell counting

For expansion cell stage

  • Trypan blue and AO/PI measurements
  • From 1 to 24 counts per run


ICON Titre uses the fastest and easiest IgG assay available, fluorescence polarisation (FP).  For use at either static or expansion stages, ICON Titre Plates offers a rapid plate-based assessment of IgG concentration.  The plate is in 96-well format and is supplied pre-coated with an anti-FC fluorescent probe ready for use.  The plate is designed for assessment on the ICON instrument using its fluorescence polarisation reader.

Each well requires 60 µL sample/pre-diluted sample.  Two plate types are available.  A ‘low’ range version measures a final concentration of 2.5 – 100 mg/L and a ‘PLUS’ range that measures 100 – 1500 mg/L.

Titer Plate

FP is a well-documented naturally occurring phenomenon describing rotational diffusion, namely the observation that large complexes rotate slowly in solution and small complexes rotate more rapidly.

Plates are supplied pre-coated with an IgG-specific fluorescent probe.  After a short incubation with supernatant or cell suspension, the plate is illuminated by polarised light.  Where the probe binds to IgG, a large complex will form and relates to a reduction in emitted polarised light.  This difference in rotation rate and thus in emitted light is compared against a standard curve, providing an accurate concentration quantification.

Viable cell density and automated cell counting

ICON offers rapid accurate automated cell counting and viability measurements for cells in suspension, enabling between 1 and 24 counts in a single run.  The platform uses sterile disposable counting slides, each of which has eight cell counting positions.  A slide rack enables three slides to be held in the instrument.  Each sample requires just 20 µl of cell solution premixed with stain.

Slide holder
Akin to the automation of haemocytometer counting, the ICON images a fixed area of slide to perform artificial intelligence based  image analysis, accurately counting the number of unstained and stained cells.  Results are presented as a total number, percent viability (live / dead) and viable cell concentration. Cell counts and viability of cells can be measured between 1 x 105 – 1 x 107 cells/mL using either trypan blue or AO/PI.

Microscope Mode

High clarity microscopy for cell line development

ICON Microscope Mode offers cell line development scientists a convenient set of tools for viewing and the capture of cellular images.  Ideally suited for quick review and confirmation of cell morphology and fluorescent expression of RFP and GFP signals.

ICON is powered by STUDIUS

Smarter decision making in cell line development

Introducing the new standard for cell line development, STUDIUS™.

Integrated to work with Solentim’s technology platforms, STUDIUS manages and reports on cell line development data.  Tracking each cell’s journey, STUDIUS offers dynamic data sorting to streamline the selection of candidate clones with desirable traits.

With Continuous Audit Mode, STUDIUS supports requirements to achieve 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance.

  • Manage: User management hierarchy including inbuilt user training course.
  • HISTORYTREE: Displays multiple data points from a clone’s history along a unique graphical timeline.
  • Sort: Rapid filtering of per-cell data to characterize lead candidates.
  • Report: Draws on system and service status within final report as evidence of quality process.
  • Operates Continuous Audit Mode supporting requirements to achieve 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance.

Follow the story with HISTORYTREE

Track every moment from seeding, evidence of clonality, growth, productivity through to selection.

a unique view of cell’s journey

HISTORYTREE is a graphical representation of a cell’s journey through cell line development.  From seeding, evidence of clonality, growth, productivity and candidate selection, each node on the tree represents a time point in the cell’s journey offering easy access to critical data.  Simple colour coding references data type.

building in process and system quality

STUDIUS draws on system and service status, user accreditation and instrument performance within its final report as evidence of process quality.

User Access with In-built Training

STUDIUS is supplied with a range of training tools to drive best practice and process quality control.  These include online training, application and software user guides.  Completion of video training course is connected to user accreditation and digital certification.

Dynamic Sorting:
hunting for those winning wells

Rapid dynamic sorting based on attributes including evidence of clonality, growth rate and productivity in the pursuit of lead candidates.

Continuous Audit Mode

STUDIUS offers Continuous Audit Mode offering a range of data control related features are activated in line with clients’ ‘Part 11’ needs.

STUDIUS, controlling ICON

Easy control of the ICON instrument through Assay and Scan tabs.  Clear management of sample source, scan set up and plate types.  Vivid visual displays to guide user through streamlined workflow.

Data Import

Integrating with your cell line development ecosystem, STUDIUS imports valuable data from your VIPS™ and  Cell Metric® instruments into one single management system.


ICON System

Benchtop system for measuring normalised titre in CLD
Combining high efficiency seeding, in-well verification and high contrast whole well imaging to provide up-front assurance of clonality.

STUDIUS Data Management Platform

Smarter decision making in cell line development
Integrated to work with Solentim’s technology platforms, STUDIUS manages and reports on cell line development data.

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