Drug Discovery

Solutions to accelerate the early drug discovery workflow with label-free technologies
for identifying targets, screening and characterising lead drug molecules

Label-Free detection in early drug discovery with FortéBio's Octet and Pioneer Systems

Label-free assays convert biological responses into signals without the use of a fluorescent label.   They are heavily applied in kinetics analysis to determine rates of binding in receptor-ligand binding analysis and in detecting the presence and concentration of biological molecules.

FortéBio’s Octet and Pioneer family of instruments provides real-time measurements in the analysis of therapeutic biological molecules at different stages of development.   With unparalleled ease of use, the Octet and Pioneer family of instruments moves your workflow beyond the limitations of existing label-free methods.  You get comprehensive characterisation across a broad range of applications that are critical for efficient development and production.

With a wide range of ligand capture surfaces that allow for the immobilisation of antibodies, recombinant proteins, DNA, RNA and virus like particles, the Octet platform has become a must have laboratory tool for a broad range of biomolecular interactions studies.  The Pioneer platform is a high sensitivity system for improved biophysical characterisation of small molecule-protein interactions and streamlined fragment screening campaigns.

Biolayer interferometry (BLI) in drug discovery

Label-free affinity & kinetic characterisation with FortéBio's Octet systems

Octet systems, based on BLI technology have become increasingly popular for affinity characterisation of biomolecules due to their ability to provide more detailed information in the kinetics of binding of biomolecules.  Octet systems can identify binding targets and accurately characterise rates of complex formation (ka), complex stability (kd) and affinities (KD), providing unmatched ease-of-use, versatility and throughput capability in research and assay development.  Octet systems are improving the speed and efficiency of drug discovery workflows with high throughput and easy to develop assays for applications like affinity ranking, epitope binning of large antibody matrices, Fc-receptor binding, glycosylation screening, antibody-antigen specificity, binding characterisation, and titre analysis.

Octet systems accelerate early drug discovery workflows:

OneStep SPR in drug discovery

Make accurate decisions faster with OneStep SPR

Label-free binding technologies such as Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) systems are indispensable tools in the early drug discovery process.  Pioneer’s next generation OneStep SPR technology simplifies kinetic characterisations and fragment screens, allowing accurate kinetics and affinities with just one analyte concentration injection.  Learn how Pioneer SPR platforms can be used to characterise small molecule, peptide and biologic-protein binding, for identifying and characterising targets and lead molecules in drug discovery. 

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