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BNX 1536 Liquid Handling System

Benchtop microplate dispenser and washer in one small footprint

Combined dispenser and washer

The BNX 1536™ liquid handling system provides both precise dispensing and thorough microplate washing in a single instrument.  The small footprint houses a built-in vacuum and air pressure pump; no external pumps are needed.

Fast dispensing and efficient washing

The BNX 1536 dispenses at impressive speed – 384 wells in 8 sec and 1536 wells in 15 sec.  A single aspiration head allows fast and efficient liquid removal from microplate wells for plate washing applications.

Four independent dispense channels

Each of the four reservoir bottles has its own fluid path to individual dispense heads, allowing four different fluids to be dispensed into a single microplate.

Easy to program

The intuitive software provides a high degree of control over operating parameters, allowing rapid processing of robust assays and gentle processing of cell based assays.


Fast dispensing!

The BNX 1536 system dispenses 384 wells in 8 seconds and 1536 wells in 15 seconds.

Versatile and efficient for samples

The BNX 1536 system is configurable for 96–, 384- and 1536-well plate formats. It has a minimum dispense volume of 0.5 μL and a low dead volume to preserve precious sample.

Automation compatible

The system is robot compatible, with a robot-friendly plate carriage and accessible RS-232 COM port.

Magnetic stirring

The system contains a built-in magnetic stirrer for uniform cell dispensing.

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BNX 1536 Liquid Handling System

BMX 1536 software

Flexible software

With its Windows compatible, drag-and-drop software, the BNX 1536 provides a high degree of control over process parameters.  Column selection offers the choice of dispensing only a few columns, or a complete plate.  For optimal dispense accuracy, the software allows fine tuning the dispense volume using the Liquid Factor tool.  Dispense pressure can be lowered for a gentler dispense when using loosely adherent cells or weakly bound antibodies.  Aspiration controls allow the probe height, probe offset, aspiration rate and aspiration time to be set for lowest residual volume or gentlest processing.


Performance Specifications
Dispense Time
384-well format
1536-well format

8 seconds
15 seconds
Dispense Range:
96-well format
384-well format
1536-well format

2.0 – 500 μL
0.5 – 120 μL
0.5 – 20 μL
Dispense Accuracy ± 50 nL at 1 μL
(2 μL for 96-well)
Dispense Precision ≤ 5% CV (typical)
Residual Volume < 1 µL average per well

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