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EXTRACTMAN®, an innovative magnetic bead extraction platform, offers a faster and gentler approach to isolating target proteins from a variety of samples.  EXTRACTMAN differs from traditional magnetic bead-based co-IP techniques by using Exclusion-based Sample Preparation (ESP™) technology, making it ideal for capturing weakly bound protein complexes without exposing them to high shear forces from pipette-based wash steps.  Paired with non-porous magnetic beads, EXTRACTMAN enables high-yield, high-purity isolations without the need for long washing steps.

Removes purification bottlenecks

ESP™ magnetic bead technology purifies samples faster than other magnetic bead technologies by reducing the pipetting steps.  The technology does not move liquids, but instead beads are gently handled to protect sample integrity.

Discover weak and transient interactions

Because analytes are magnetically extracted from samples without diluting, destroying, or otherwise disturbing the original sample, EXTRACTMAN is particularly efficient to discover difficult-to-capture interactions.

Ergonomic and easy to use

A simple slide of the handle isolates target proteins, which allows EXTRACTMAN to be used as a universal platform for a variety of commercial magnetic beads kits.


Purify a wide variety of samples

EXTRACTMAN has been used to rapidly isolate mRNA, DNA, and proteins from crude extracts using an assortment of commercial kits and reagents. 

Rapid isolation

With each step in the process requiring only seconds of hands-on time, the EXTRACTMAN performs the entire extraction process in 30 seconds!  With 4 independent channels, the EXTRACTMAN performs parallel isolations for consistent results.

High purity and yield

EXTRACTMAN eliminates the potential for cross-contamination of samples.  Translation of commercial kits to EXTRACTMAN results in improved or equivalent yield while maintaining sample purity and integrity.

Expanded analyte isolation

The fast and gentle nature of EXTRACTMAN’s ESP technology is ideal for capturing weakly- or transiently-bound species which are otherwise undetected through traditional co-IP,  as aggressive or repeated wash steps can result in a loss of these interactions.

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Exclusion based sample prep with the EXTRACTMAN

Traditional magnetic bead-based co-IP techniques require lengthy exposure to pro-dissociating wash buffers and harsh, inconsistent mixing.  Column-based co-IP requires time consuming washing to remove contaminants and elute target analytes from porous resins.

EXTRACTMAN® is different.  Using ESP technology, EXTRACTMAN is ideal for capturing weakly bound protein complexes because they are not exposed to high shear forces from pipet-based wash steps and require less time wash buffers.  Paired with non-porous magnetic beads EXTRACTMAN enables high yield, high purity isolations without the need for long washing steps.

The revolutionary slide-based extraction gently moves your samples through isolation with a simple slide of the handle.  Flexible labware can easily be adapted to multiple washes, multiple targets, even completely new magnetic bead applications.


EXTRACTMAN enables high-yield, high-purity isolations of DNA, RNA and proteins for protein interaction research and disease target discovery. 

Molecular Biology

  • Rapid purification of genomic, linear and circular DNA, mRNA and proteins from crude samples
  • Isolation of elusive protein complexes
  • Protein -> Immunoprecipitation
  • Protein-Protein -> Co-Immunoprecipitation
  • Protein-DNA -> ChiP-seq
  • Protein-RNA -> RIP-seq

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