Minipuls 3 Peristaltic pump

High performance liquid transfer

The compact MINIPULS® 3 is a high-performance, low-pulse, peristaltic pump with interchangeable pump heads for delivering a diverse variety of liquids — from biological to chemical — without altering the critical components within the liquid.  Six different channel and flow rate configurations are available.

Accurate, low-pulse liquid transfer

Utilising positive displacement pump technology, liquid flows nearly pulse-free to produce smoother flows with excellent accuracy and precision, even at high flow rates. 

Flow rates to meet your needs

With a choice of six quickly interchangeable pump heads, you’ll have a wide range of flow rates to use for your applications.  A wide range of accepted tubing types and sizes give you much greater flexibility in terms of the flow rate range that is available with each pump head.

Easy to Operate

MINIPULS 3 is easy to install, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.  With an uncomplicated keypad control and easy-to-read LCD screen, access functions for start/stop, flow direction, increase/decrease flow rate, and prime.  Remote control is also possible.


Flexible flow rates

MINIPULS 3 comes with a choice of six quickly interchangeable pump heads.

  • Standard (1, 2, 4 or 8 channels): 0.3 μL – 30 mL/min
  • High flow (2 or 4 channels): 1 mL – 220 mL/min

Accurate, precise, reproducible flow

The MINIPULS 3 produces smoother flows with excellent accuracy and precision, even at high flow rates.  Its adjustable speed stepper motor and high-quality precision bore tubing assure reproducible flow rates.

Flexible tubing

MINIPULS 3 gives you the flexibility to chose the most suitable tubing material according to your sample’s chemical compatibility.  MINIPULS 3 features appropriate connectors and extension tubing for a large variety of tubing internal diameters to reach desired flow rates.

Download brochure for more information:

MINIPULSE 3 Peristaltic pump


Standard High Flow
Channels 1, 2, 4, 8 2, 4
Flow rate 0.3 µL/min – 30 mL/min 1 mL/min – 220 mL/min
Maximum pressure 0.5 MPa 0.3 MPa
Tubing maximum flow rate

26 mL/min
38 mL/min
45 mL/min
14 mL/min

236 mL/min
200 mL/min
171 mL/min
Tubing internal diameter

0.25 – 3.2 mm
0.5 – 4 mm
0.6 – 2.8 mm
0.5 – 2 mm

2 – 8 mm
2 – 6 mm
2 – 7 mm
2 – 6.4 mm

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