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Automated liquid handlers

Automated liquid handling by Gilson

Gilson liquid handling tools deliver the precise control you need for sample and reagent volume transfers, ensuring reproducible results while making life in the lab easier.  Beginning with the legendary PIPETMAN® technology, our liquid handling tools have evolved with your needs.  We offer completely automated liquid handling systems.

Customisable liquid handling for diverse applications

Gilson’s Verity GX systems provide large or small volume injection, automatic fraction collection, and re-injection as part of a semi-preparative or preparative HPLC purification system.  With optional accessories, Verity GX systems can be used as flexible liquid handlers for performing a wide variety of automated, unattended liquid handling applications.  Increase the throughput and efficiency of liquid transfers, serial dilutions, and other common liquid handling tasks with the 4-channel GX-274 liquid handler.

Innovative injection design

The Direct Injection Module is an innovative injection port design that attaches directly to the injection valve reduces void volumes and minimises carryover associated with calibrated connection tubing. 

Versatile, space-saving design

The extremely efficient and open modular design supports the use of racks that easily accommodates a variety of tubes, vials and microplates.  On-bed reservoirs maximise sample capacity by providing access to solvents without utilising bed positions.


Versatile system configuration

Transfer ports allow for ultimate system configuration flexibility by delivering samples to off-bed detection devices, which is ideal for Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) to conductivity, colorimeter, and absorbance detectors.  They also allow access of additional large volume solvent reservoirs without taking any bed rack positions, to maximise sample capacity.

Flexible injection options

The GX Solvent System is a novel syringeless solvent delivery system that offers a large dynamic working range and flow rate.   The Verity GX-271 and GX-281 liquid handlers feature the GX Solvent System, providing immediate access for up to five solvents and no need to change or replace syringes to accommodate for different volumes and flow rates.

Increase automation throughput

With the GX-274 liquid handler, experience full automation of your HPLC workflows and get results more quickly.  When the four-probe Z-arm is paired with two VERITY® 4220 Dual Syringe Pumps, each of the liquid handler’s four channels can accommodate unique syringe volumes, increasing your flexibility in many common liquid transfer tasks.

Direct injection

Gilson’s GX liquid handlers can be configured with a Direct Injection Module for injection onto an HPLC or LC/MS system.  By using the direct injection port, samples can be delivered to the valve with minimal dead volume and no connecting tubing, reducing carryover and contamination.

Consistent flow rates

The continuous flow path design on all injection valves allows the system flow to continue even as the injection valve switches from load to inject, ensuring consistent pressure and flow.

Integrated probe washing

The GX liquid handlers come with an integrated rinse station, designed to minimise cross-contamination between sampling events.  The GX-281 features the Jet Wash Rinse system, which includes a high-flow rinse pump that provides fast and efficient probe cleaning with up to six rinse solvents


Verity GX-241

Miniaturised platform and maximised performance and capability
This liquid handler offers a two-rack platform for large or small volume injection and automatic fraction collection using tubes, vials, or microplates. Its small footprint makes it an ideal choice for labs where bench space is limited.

Verity GX-271

Medium capacity liquid handling with a small footprint
This small footprint, medium capacity liquid handler and autosampler offers small-to-large volume injection, fraction collection, and liquid handling capabilities. Its dynamic syringeless pumping system is capable of delivering microliters to hundreds of millilitres, with no change in hardware. With a mid-size bed capacity, the GX-271 gives you the perfect blend of size, performance, and capacity.

Verity GX-274

With increased throughput and efficiency, process up to four samples in parallel
The VERITY® GX-274 Liquid Handler increases the throughput and efficiency of liquid transfers, serial dilutions, and other common tasks by processing up to four samples in parallel.

Verity GX-281

Customisable large capacity liquid handling for diverse applications
This liquid handler provides a versatile, large capacity platform that can be configured for injection, fraction collection, and re-injection as part of a semi-preparative or preparative HPLC purification system. With optional accessories, it can also be used as a flexible liquid handler for performing a wide variety of automated, unattended liquid handling applications.


GX-241 GX-271 GX-274 GX-281
Sampling probes 1 4 1
Bed sample capacity 2 racks 5 racks 6 racks
Optional GX Solvent System
No Yes No Yes
Linear bench space 39 cm 60 cm 84 cm

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