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DT-2Step PCR systems

Automated PCR thermal cyclers

The ideal solution to high throughput single-cycle PCR that automated laboratories demand

Scale up your PCR workflow with reliable, consistent plate and tube yields

The Porvair Kbiosystems DT-2Step Thermal Cycling PCR systems offer the ideal solution to high throughput single-cycle PCR with reliable, consistent plate and tube yields.  The DT-2Step range uses a three-tank water bath system to create the desired temperatures for all steps of the PCR process.  The patented compression basket systems are versatile to run assorted plate types and allows for high processing capacity of up to 108 plates processed simultaneously. 

Efficient, high throughput PCR

DT-2Step PCR systems have high single-cycle PCR processing capacity.  Cycle up to 108 plates simultaneously with reliable, consistent and high yields on the highest throughput DT-108 Thermal Cycling PCR system.

Plate versatility

The DT-2Step PCR CombiBasket system allows the use of 96-, 384- and even 1536-well PCR plates to be cycled without changing the basket or modifying the heater blocks.  The compression basket also allows the use of adhesive or easily removable seal for multiplex type operations.

Flexible, reliable and operator friendly

Engineered with robustness in mind, DT-2Step PCR systems are easy to program and operator and integrator friendly.  DT-2Step PCR systems are fully automated with PC control allowing individual setting of tank temperatures, with full PID control.


Flexible assay formats

DT-2Step PCR systems work directly with SBS plate and array tape-based assays.  Individual programmable macros are stored in the PC to run different plate types and numbers of plates per run.

Consistent, high yielding PCR

DT-2Step PCR systems provide direct thermal contact to samples for more efficient thermal cycling.  This technology increases yield of post-PCR product and decreases cycle times to provide reliable and consistent yields.

Post PCR plate integrity

Plate holders are used to maintain pressure on the PCR plates, and once cycled, the plates remain flat for improved post-PCR operations.

Energy and footprint efficiency

DT-2Step PCR systems have reduced energy used per plate and area footprint as compared with equivalent Peltier systems.

Robustly engineered

DT-2Step PCR systems are self contained cyclers, using two water tank to run process and a ballast water tank used for cooling and stabilising tank temperatures.  The systems also recycle the water through cooling radiators so no need for water supply or waste management.

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DT-2Step PCR Systems


Medium capacity thermal cycler

Process 24 plates simultaneously

DT-2Step 2
High capacity thermal cycler

Process 108 plates simultaneously


DT-24 DT-108
Capacity 24 PCR plates 108 PCR plates
Compatibility 96-, 384- and 1536-well PCR plates, array tape
Configuration 2 water tanks to run process +
Ballast water tank for cooling and stabilising tank temperatures
Temperature range Ambient – 98 oC
Temperature stability + / - 2 oC

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