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Cell Culture Supplements

Advanced cell culture supplements, designed for accelerated and assured CLD workflows

Reagents for enhanced seeding and accelerated cell growth

Solentim’s technologies combine their technical expertise with an in-depth knowledge of cell creation, isolation, analysis and documentation to manage high value cells from discovery to production.  Solentim’s enabling reagents and unparalleled domain expertise transform the speed and efficiency of clonally-derived Master Cell Bank development.  Introducing Solentim’s MatriClone™, an imaging ready seeding matrix for iPSC cells, and InstiGRO™, a powerful growth supplement for CHO and HEK cells.

High viability single cell cloning and outgrowth

Certified animal component-free

Manufactured under ISO 9001

InstiGRO, InstiSHAKE and InstiTHAW
enhancing cell line development workflows

Supplements Worflow

In the search for high-value cells, growth conditions can be optimised to support early growth conditions.  InstiGRO products are proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells which confer major growth and survival advantages within cell line development.

Designed to work with VIPS automation, Cell Metric imaging or manual cell practices, InstiGRO can transform workflows with greatly enhanced successful colonies per plate.

The range of supplements is designed to enhance growth at different stages of cell line development for accelerated workflows:


Soluble matrix for high efficiency, high viability iPSC single cell cloning and outgrowth

MatriClone is a new matrix designed to support iPSC growth in single seeding workflows while maintaining pluripotency.  MatriClone is a defined matrix consisting of a recombinant peptide and is animal component-free.  MatriClone is optimised for ‘in-solution’ seeding and optically suited for automated imaging.  When used as part of the VIPS seeding protocol, MatriClone offers high levels of single cell survival and subsequent outgrowth, all in a simple, automated workflow which avoids the need for coating plates.

Designed for use with automated imaging
MatriClone offers ideal optical quality to contribute to high quality data when imaged by automated imaging platforms.  This makes MatriClone ideally suited to workflows using post-seeding technologies including the Cell Metric® whole well imager.
Maintenance of phenotype, karyotype and pluripotency

Importantly, clones generated using the VIPS + MatriClone workflow have been shown by immunocytochemistry and karyotyping to maintain pluripotency after at least 10 passages and have retained their ability to successfully differentiate.


Cell Line Developement

Solentim’s InstiGRO and MatriClone cell culture supplements are specifically designed to work with VIPS automation, Cell Metric imaging or manual cell practices to transform cell line development workflows, with greatly enhanced successful colonies per plate.

Cell line development for biotherapeutics

Solentim Biologics Manufacture

Generate stable cell lines that create producing novel recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic proteins for rare diseases


hiPSCs 3

High efficiency, high viability single cell cloning of hiPSCs for applications including development of disease models and supporting GMP manufacture of cell therapies

Virus manufacturing for
gene therapy

Solentim Gene Therapy Vector Manufacture

From the selection of high producer clones to the development of stable vector producer cell lines, explore our simplified workflows for gene therapy applications

Cell engineering and precision gene editing

Solentim Gene Editing

Optimise your drug discovery process using targeted gene editing to create stable cell lines as cellular reagents, for use in target validation, functional genomics and disease modelling

Vaccine production with
mammalian cells

Solentim Vaccine Manufacture

Isolate, screen and characterise attributes for clones producing novel recombinant sub-unit protein and monoclonal antibody vaccines

Engineered exosome producer
cell lines

3d render of cells secreting exosomes

Establish stable producer cells for the production of engineered and cell-engineered exosomes


InstiGRO, InstiSHAKE and InstiTHAW

Advanced cell culture supplements for use with CHO and HEK cells
A range of advanced animal-free cell growth supplements for use with CHO and HEK cells designed to enhance growth at different stages of cell line development for superior workflows

MatriClone matrix for iPSC

Soluble matrix for high efficiency, high viability iPSC single cell cloning and outgrowth
Stem cell matrix for use ‘in-solution’ during single cell seeding with the VIPS system to support early growth

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