VIPS System

Automated Single Cell Cloning and Whole Well Imaging

Solentim’s unrivalled All-in-One VIPS™ system uniquely combines single cell seeding and whole well imaging, providing up-front assurance of clonality, saving time and money

Enhancing cell line development workflows

Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS™), provides single cell cloning and image based clonality assurance.  The multi-tasking, compact instrument delivers an efficient, ‘double lock’ solution for confident Regulatory submissions.  With VIPS, two-round methodologies are a thing of the past.

Increases efficiency, saving time and money

VIPS accelerates projects.  High seeding efficiency, single round workflows for massively enhanced productivity and reduced timelines.

Improves Results

With VIPS you get healthier cells, more confirmed single cells per plate and better outgrowth.

Provides highest assurance of clonality

Designed specifically for the task, Solentim technology is honed for single cell imaging in the droplet by way of z-stack imaging and in the whole well.  With high clarity images, even when near the cell wall, VIPS generates confidence for the lab and the regulator.

Understanding the ‘double lock’ of clonal assurance

Single cell seeding with in-well verification

Operating at a pressure of less than one psi, VIPS gently dispenses cells in nanoliter droplets into a plate well. Cells are imaged in multiple z-stack layers in the dry empty well before intelligence-based image analysis confirms the existence of a single cell. The well is then filled with media.

Outgrowth and clonal characterisation

During the clonal growth phase, VIPS performs daily high-clarity whole well imaging, recording a timeline of well images and performing analysis to measure confluency. Successful clonal outgrowth can be traced back to a single cell to confirm monoclonality.


Designed to accelerate single-cell cloning workflows

Seeding for high clonal efficiency

We employ the simplest and safest method of single-cell dispensing, with no complex fluidics or mixed samples. VIPS uses low pressure to seed cells in nanoliter droplets into empty wells.

In-well z-stack imaging

Immediately after seeding, the droplet is imaged at 20 different focal positions. This broad z-stack encompasses the optimal plane for image analysis enabling confident single cell detection.

In-line media dispensing

Immediately after confirmation of cell seeding, VIPS automatically dispenses culture media into the well, protecting your high-value cell.

Always in focus

VIPS performs total plate laser focus scanning, adjusting for plate contours, to ensure an optimal focal position for each well.

Intelligent Image Analysis

Using advanced image analysis technology, z-stack images are processed to confirm the presence of a single cell.

QC verification process

To assist in the verification of your clonality workflow, VIPS offers a verification methodology option based on rare-event fluorescence imaging.


Cell Line Developement

The VIPS system is specifically designed for providing monoclonality assurance and accelerating workflows in cell line development, with high efficiency single cell seeding, in-well imaging to verify clonality and high-clarity whole well imaging.

Cell line development for biotherapeutics

Solentim Biologics Manufacture

Generate stable cell lines that create producing novel recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic proteins for rare diseases


hiPSCs 3

High efficiency, high viability single cell cloning of hiPSCs for applications including development of disease models and supporting GMP manufacture of cell therapies

Virus manufacturing for
gene therapy

Solentim Gene Therapy Vector Manufacture

From the selection of high producer clones to the development of stable vector producer cell lines, explore our simplified workflows for gene therapy applications

Cell engineering and precision gene editing

Solentim Gene Editing

Optimise your drug discovery process using targeted gene editing to create stable cell lines as cellular reagents, for use in target validation, functional genomics and disease modelling

Vaccine production with
mammalian cells

Solentim Vaccine Manufacture

Isolate, screen and characterise attributes for clones producing novel recombinant sub-unit protein and monoclonal antibody vaccines

Engineered exosome producer
cell lines

3d render of cells secreting exosomes

Establish stable producer cells for the production of engineered and cell-engineered exosomes


VIPS System

Automated single cell seeding and whole well imaging

Combining high efficiency seeding, in-well verification and high contrast whole well imaging to provide up-front assurance of clonality.

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