Porvair kBiosystems

SBS plate handlers

Automated plate and tube handling systems

Offering laboratories the ability to step up to automated plate handling with integratable OEM plate handling devices

Accelerate and integrate your workflows with versatile plate handling automation

The Porvair Kbiosystems automated and semi-automated microplate handling systems offer ideal entry level automation for laboratories requiring reliable, consistent, microplate and tube handling.  Offering complete versatility, the Scorpion plate handling series will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks, shallow and deep well formats.

Application flexibility

Scorpion systems allow the use of non-lidded, sealed and lidded plates.  Additional functions include plate restacking and an optional upgrade for lid removal.  Scorpion systems comes in several formats for left or right feeding, and the XT version with extended arc distance for more utility and flexibility.

Easy and reliable integration

Engineered with robustness in mind, the Scorpion series is easy to program and is operator and integrator friendly.  Data control is through direct integration via RS232 link.

Versatile plate compatibility

Scorpion systems are able to use multiple plasticware manufactures plates across applications and can handle all SBS footprint applications and range of racks.


Integrator friendly design

Scorpion systems handle plates in portrait format, allowing the use of non-lidded and lidded plates.  Scorpion systems function through left or right plate feed, offering side placement into the integrated plate handling device.

Flexible stacker capacity

Scorpion systems have half and full height stackers to accommodate for plate capacity and lab space needs.


Plate restack option allows the user to feed and retrieve plates from a secondary piece of equipment.  With need for defined plate stack orientation, the plates can internally be reprocessed into their original line format.

Optional lid lifting

With the addition of the lid removal upgrade, the Scorpion can remove the plate lid prior to placement onto the integrated system (such as a liquid handler), helping decrease possible contamination issues.

Custom design service

Additionally, Kbio offers services for custom plate handling applications, such as their custom designed integration plates suited to different Thermo Combi instruments, to maintain position for repeatable dispensing.

Download brochure for more information:

Scorpion SBS Plate Handlers



Automated plate handling system

Scorpion XT

Automated plate handling system with extended arc distance


Scorpion Scorpion XT
Plate feed Left or right
Placement maximum arc 280 mm 342 mm
Maximum plate capacity *
384- and 1536-well
Deep-well blocks

Plate height range 7 – 48 mm

* Without lid handling functionality

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