Trusted Workflows for High Value Cells

Solentim is the trusted global leader for solutions to create, isolate, and characterise the highest value cells for the development of new biological medicines, including cell and gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and stem cells.  For our customers, which include most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics companies, we are the partner of choice for facilitating the highest level of assurance in cell line development for therapeutic protein and viral vector production.

Our portfolio of proven and innovative instruments (including VIPS™, Cell Metric®, Cell Metric® CLD, ICON™ and STUDIUS™) are designed for single cell cloning and assurance of monoclonality.  Combined with enabling reagents (including InstiGRO™, MatriClone™ and Leap-In Transposase®) from our partners, and our unparalleled domain expertise, we transform the speed and efficiency of clonally-derived Master Cell Bank development.  Our customers trust in our technology to ensure they are confidently prepared for regulatory review.

Our customers develop new bio-therapeutics (such as monoclonal antibodies) used to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular disease and many others.  The establishment and reliable continued production of stable ‘cell lines’, originally derived from a single cell (‘Clonally derived’), is a crucial element to these workflows.

Our products play a key role in the cell line development (CLD) workflow, isolating single cells, evidencing that this has been successfully achieved, and subsequently monitoring cell growth.  By streamlining this process, our technology makes CLD workflows shorter, more effective, intelligent and reliable.

Thumb VIPS

VIPS System

Automated single cell seeding and whole well imaging

Thumb Cell Metric CLD

Cell Metric Systems

Benchtop high-resolution whole well imaging
for monoclonal assurance and outgrowth

ICON System

Streamlining ranking and selection of productive clones

Multichannel pipette injecting liquid into a microtiter plate

Growth Supplements

Reagents for enhanced seeding and accelerated cell growth

About Solve Scientific

Solve Scientific caters to the Australian and New Zealand scientific market with high-quality product and innovative technologies. In close partnership with our suppliers our role is delivering premium local support in enabling our customer’s results.

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